Replacement Windows - East Grand Forks, ND

 Properly-placed, well-designed windows can transform your entire East Grand Forks, ND home, which is why the window professionals at DME Exteriors provide top-brand replacement windows to help you “enjoy the view” more than you ever imagined! When you choose new window installation services from DME Exteriors, we can help you find the perfect size, shape, and function for each replacement window, depending on your individual needs.

Why Do You Need Custom Window Installation from DME Exteriors?

When windows become cracked, warped, or difficult to open and shut, it may seem like a minor inconvenience. However, if you don’t replace windows that have been damaged or aged, there are more consequences than you may think. Many people are concerned with replacement window cost, or they may not realize how much energy and money they could be saving with innovative, updated new windows. In recent years, the window industry has made countless advancements in energy-efficiency, durability, and low-maintenance window solutions. Let DME Exteriors’ East Grand Forks window replacement team help you stay ahead of the curve, with our cutting-edge, affordable replacement windows. We stay within your budget, while utilizing the most trusted window brands in the industry.

Types of Replacement Windows

DME Exteriors replaces and installs new windows of all shapes, sizes, and designs, including:

Decorative Windows

Double-Hung Windows

Casement Windows

Picture Windows

Half-Moon Windows

Sliding Glass Windows

Sliding Glass Doors

And much, much, more!


The Benefits of New Windows and Window Replacement

Better Views: Windows are the eyes of your home. Cracked windows can lead to obstructed views, and windows that are too small can limit your field of vision. DME Exteriors can help you choose the best size and style of window, as well as find window solutions that are more durable than your existing windows, so you can instantly enjoy the views outside, as well as drastically improve natural lighting.  

Save on Bills: If your windows are cracked or becoming warped around the frames, you will inevitably have poor insulation from the drastic Midwestern temperatures. Many people do not realize that proper window installation, using high-quality, energy-efficient window brands, can easily save you between 15-20% on your energy bills. Not only can getting windows replaced save you on your heating and cooling bills, you can also save on your lighting expenses by allowing for more natural light.

Protection: When you get new windows installed in your East Grand Forks home, our window installation team will ensure that we install your windows with great care and precision, so that there are no opportunities for drafts, moisture, or outdoor pests to sneak in. We also install windows with UV ray protection to shield your home’s interior from fading in areas exposed to the sun.

Functionality: Our window replacement contractors ensure your windows open and close easily, and that your new windows are customized to serve whatever function you might need.

Contact DME Exteriors for more information on our custom-fit replacement windows, and start enjoying the views from your East Grand Forks home today!

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